2015 Aug-Nov Mission trip - part 1 of 5 (August)


2015 second LAMA Mission trip - El Carmen, San Juan Bautista, Ica, Peru 

    This is part 1 (August) of the blog for this specific Mission trip, second one for 2015.   Click any of the below date blocks to go to any of the parts of this blog:
    1. August  18-31
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    3. October 1-15
    4. October 16-31 
    5. November
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    Getting a late start on this blog, having been down here for a week now.  Let me see if I can recap a bit ...  

    Our main goals for this trip are:
    1) complete the construction.  Although the building is pretty much done, we still have to do a lot of tile of the 5 bathrooms, installation of 7 toilets, 7 sinks, 5 showers, complete the electrical wiring and installation of nearly 80 outlets, purchase and install lighting fixtures, and whatever else we didn't get done on the last trip.
    2) Acquire some furniture - We also will need to build or purchase many bunkbeds, if not some additional functional furniture for the upper floors.
    3) Build on the local Relationships -  With the physical construction phase getting behind us, the 'people' part is solidly in front of us.  How to really make this 'investment' as alive as it could be with the primary goal of bringing people to Jesus.  
    4) Receive Missionary family - The above hopefully will be done before the arrival of the Sanchez family from Mexico early October, who have (God bless them) stepped forward for