2016 Mission Review


We had a very eventful year in 2016.  Please feel free to visit the two blogs for this year, our Feb/March trip, as well as our August/October visit, which included a week with with our Hearts & Hands knitting & crocheting team from San Diego.  Also, visit the photo album for the November visit.  

To wrap it all up, we made a short (4 minute 51 second) video that goes over the highlights of this first full year of being a fully staffed mission with resident missionaries to engage daily with the local population.  

In a Mission review at end of year this video was presented, as were talks by many that visited the mission in November, closing with a short discussion by the founders of the mission.  This video is a bit longer (15 minutes).  We are very happy with all that was accomplished in 2016, especially the inclusion of yet another full time missionary, Irma Rosa Reyes Tiscareño. We look forward to a very eventful and productive 2017.