2017-Aug-Nov 2nd trip of year to Peru Mission (part 3 of 4)


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great Peruvian fast food Youth center in use before worship and church services 1 Oct - Sunday - Last day before we head north to Lima for a week.   no construction today but made a small supply run into Ica to get some electrical and audio wiring items.  We had a major issue with our main breaker last night and had to get a new one.  Was keeping any showering from happening so I got a hot water from the stove shower ... thank you Lily.   But fixed the breaker as well as our emergency light whose battery died.  Picked up 130 meters of audio cable as well so I can start pulling that when I get back ... projecto, projecto, projecto ...  Did get a great Peruvian meal at Totos, where we bought a few groceries.  A ham&cheese lasagna dish with my favorite ricoto relleno stuffed pepper!!   Mmmm   

Irma works with kids upstairs for bible studyAdults have service downstairs while children meet upstairsOK, back to the mission.  Did a few needed repairs quickly.  Put a replacement battery in the emergency light and replaced the primary breaker in the mission.   Will have to save the rest of my chores for another day, probably another week since we leave tomorrow.  But youth started showing up for some activities before church.  The youth center has proved to be a very wise investment for use for multiple activities.   

2 - 6 Oct, Mon-Fri - No Construction today, off day for the missionaries.  Irma goes to Ica to see her friends, I get to catch up on the blog a bit, and later today Lily and i will catch a bus for Lima.  We headed up to meet with our daughter and grandson who were flying in for  a Taikwondo competition.  We wanted to do a few things at the apartment we maintain in Lima for arriving missionaries as well.  Basically a family time off to watch and cheer on our grandson.  We changed internet service providers and added television service to the location for future arriving missionaries.  

Picarones in the ParkLove these things, but Picarones won7 Oct, Sat - On our last full day in Lima, we got out a bit to enjoy Miraflores.   Spent some time walking about Kennedy Park, watched some older folks enjoying dancing in the open while about 300 younger people circled them to be entertained by watching and learning.   Enjoyed some Peruvian Picarones (donuts and syrup