2017-Aug-Nov 2nd trip of year to Peru Mission (part 4 of 4)


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so we went and bought a drum set ...

Julio gives the new drumset a trial run in what used to be the kitchen1 Nov, Wed - Give me a minute, it's still a blur ... what did we do this day .... Finally bought some oil to use the primary part of the sachi-popa cooking station we bought for the mission.  Prior to this we have only used the grill, now we will use the deep fryers for chicken and potatoes.  

Made the investment to purchase the 'battery', what you call drums in spanish.  

2 Nov, Thurs - Much decorating of the main meeting area for the coming holiday season.  Also retrofitting the original kitchen to be an extension of the main meeting room, intended for 'musician' use (drums, keyboard, etc).   

North American missionaries arriveAltura bible study with visiting missionaries3 Nov, Fri - Arrival of our San Diego and Mexico team.   8 people dropped to 7 due to last minute emergencies put on our San Diego pastor. Of the 7 visitors, 5 were from San Diego (Ron Nielson, Hank Sybrandry, Richard Lamb, Johnny Cena & Doug Sholder), and 2 from Mexico (Tanto Hussein & Pedro).   Hank, Richard and Doug represent Missions from Branch Church, Ron Neilson represented Horizon Church and is a close associate with Tanto.  Tanto and Pedro represent Mas Vida Bible school in Mexico which is where our resident missionaries are students of.Pastor 'Trinidad Pedro'  

Our visitors from the north got to participate with the missions weekly youth services in San Juan Bautista first, hosted by the Sanchez's.   Resident missionary Irma Roses Reyes was setting up in Altura (north of the mission) for the later evening bible study group at Nelly's home.  Pastor Pedro took the youth separately while adults were in study with other visiting missionaries. 

Walking around El CarmenLunch in Ica4 Nov, Sat - We spent a good deal of time on Saturday, after morning prayer, getting to know the locals, visiting El Carmen, Invacion after seeing Altura yesterday.   For lunch we all went into Ica for