2017-Aug-Nov 2nd trip of year to Peru Mission (part 2 of 4)


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Fixing the antenna from a kite flying mishapDrywall continues going up.  Charlie Quispe in picture1 Sept, Friday – More construction to move forward.  Back to Maestro (our local Home Depot equivilent) to get more electrical wire and drywall materials.  Also, looks like Lily will be running back up to Lima (having just returned after taking the Hearts & Hands team north).  She is exploring some indication that was told to her that there is an alternative to having the missionaries keep going to Chile for getting their Visa's extended 3 months.   So, bus tickets for Lily and Irma.  And if this works, she will do likewise with the Sanchez family.

Dental Hygiene orientation at the missionSan Juan Bautista youth teaching continues2 Sept, Sat –  Off to Lima on an early bus for Lily and Irma.   Having just changed internet service providers, we were having some problems and discovered that Romario and a friend got their kite tangled on our new internet antenna.  Julio made the climb up to the 'fifth floor' (what we lovingly refer to for the top of the water tower).  Got it untangled.  However we need the service provider to put some clamps on that antenna in case it happens again.  

Dental Hygeine day at the mission.   We have a shoe-string cousin/niece relative who is in the dental orthodonics field who wanted to use the mission for an educational / orientation on dental health.  Absolutely.  

Beautiful Feet sandal give away to active mission kidsLate afternoon teaching and fun in San Juan Bautista with the youth bible study.  Some new kids, some regulars.  All very special.

Drywall continues.  

3 Sept, Sun – Trip to Lima was a day earlier than Lily's appointment.  She will try to change appointment tomorrow Mission church worship and services for youth and adults.  

Marilu creates new knitting craftstwo very muddy ninos get a mission shower .. Marilu shows us some new knitting crafts, making fruits and vegetables.  Go figure.  I am not sure if these are new stitches she learned from Hearts and Hands or is volunteering to teach next