25 minutes to the Mission from Ica


How do I get to "La Misión" from Ica? (or from Lima?)

[If you are asking more of a question of where is Ica? Why are you there? Who are you? Please visit this link first ..]

last kilometer between Ica and La Mision is finally paved!!We are celebrating now that the last kilometer to get to our mission is officially paved (as of May 2017), no more gravel roads or portions of roads to get to us!!!  Horray!!!   Here is a simple Google map that will take you from the center of Ica (Plaza de Armas) north to the village of El Carmen, District of San Juan Bautista, where La Mision is.  It is about a 20 to 25 minute drive (12 kilometers, about 7.5 miles).  

(Of course, like most people that come down from Lima by bus, you would be using this first set of directions once you get to the bus terminal in Ica, and in discussion with a local taxi or collectivo for your short ride north.  That is if we have not already made arrangements to meet you, or to send pickup to the bus terminal for you.)

[Although the directions are in English, when you open the map (clicking on "more options") use the 'option' to change it to the language of your choice.]

Of course if you are coming from the north (Lima, Pisco, Paracus), you may want to find your way to the Mission without having to go to the city center in Ica first.  The second map should help you if that refers to you.   In case you are going to make the drive by rental car from Lima (or points north), this map guides you to the mission from Guadalupe on the Pan American Highway which runs by the Mission area to the west. 

In either case, we want you to find us, so hope that these maps help to that end.  God bless you and safe travels!!  We'll keep a light on !  (oh that's someone else's commercial, sorry)2016 picture of the Mission in El Carmen, San Juan Bautista, Ica, Peru   

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