Meet our resident Missionaries - the Sanchez family


Meet the Sanchez Family:  We are from Coacoyul, Guerrero México. While we served in our local church we felt God’s calling to missions.  In September of 2014 we studied at an International Missions Training Center in Morelia, Michoacán.  In June of 2015 we received an invitation to work in El Carmen, Peru.  

We arrived October 9th that same year and we are ministering to the Peruvian people through Bible studies in homes, church services, family counseling, ministering to youth and children, and evangelism in neighboring villages. 

Our goal is to make disciples so they may reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this area of Peru.  

The Sanchez family is primarily supported by their home church in Mexico.  Although they have now been down in Peru 2 years, their impact has been spectacular after just their first 6 months (just some of the photos below will testify to that.)  

They are however not yet complete with their residency paperwork and have had to leave Peru once already for Chile, and will need to do it yet again, since the work between the embassies is so slow. This is also adding additional unexpected travel costs until this is finalized.  They also return to Mexico annually (especially since their current visa restrictions tell them to leave the country regularily) and need assistance for these travel costs.  We hope to resolve all these visa restrictions early in 2018.  

If you would care to make a donation to assist them, God bless you.  To do so, please add 'Sanchez' to the note block below before clicking the donate button.  All donations will be forwarded directly to them for their cost needs.  In the interim, please join us in prayer to guide them, the Mexican embassy, their parent church in Mexico and the Peru contacts that they are working with, to make this process get finalized, as they continue their desire to stay and work with the needy people of San Juan Bautista in Peru. 




Sanchez Family in San Juan Bautista District, Ica, Peru

3/3 Alpha group bible study at residence


3/5 Living Bible through crafts & study


3/5 Haircuts


3/8 Family Counseing

2016/3/2 - Bible Study in Envacion Residence

3/2 Prayer


3/1 Mission Maintenance


3/4 Prayers for Juancito

2016/2/17 Residence "Alpha" Bible Study


2/21 Nurturing volunteers at Mission


2016/2/27 Church services


2016/3/1 Teaching Worship singing

2016/2/7 - With youth volunteers at Mission


2/8 - with Juancito and mother at hospital

2/10 Arts and Crafts prepartion with volunteers

2/13 Volunteer & Missionary Team
2016Feb3 - Delivery of new keyboard for Sanchez musical use

2016/02/03 Group "Alpha Bible study

2016/02/04 Pepe's "Alpha' Bible Study group


2016/2/6 Bible study for youth
2015Nov08-Visiting support from Mexico & San Diego


2015Nov15 - Saying goodbye to the Silverthorns


2015Dec20 - Christmas treats in El Olivos

12/20 Yareni giving out Christmas gifts

2015Oct13-unscheduled youth Bible study

2015Nov01- Enjoying the Mission youth

2015Nov08 - Greeting Tanto
Hussein from Mexico

2015Nov07-2 Anniversary of Mission with Silverthorns

2015Oct10- Youth Leadership

015Oct11 - Sanchez, Martin's & Silverthorns

2015Oct13 - MIssion chores 

2015Oct13 - Practice Worship leadership