non-Financial support of LAMA ministry efforts


If you can support our ministry efforts financially (link), in light of the current construction expenses we are undergoing, it would be most appreciated. However, if you would like a way to donate to our outreach in a non-financial means, here are some suggestions.

One of the best ways to support this mission project is to promote it within your own church or membership group.  We would love to host your mission team, as that is the intent of this building project, so that you can provide directly, participate in person, with the people of Peru. Please contact us so we can talk to your mission coordinator, express what we are about, and what needs can be fulfilled by a mission trip.  That is the first and foremost non-financial support that you can provide.  Pass the Word, and let's all participate, with the mission as a base to work out of.  

Further, beyond sending missionaries and the immediate construction expenses, our most popular item of outreach is to bring the (Spanish) Word of God to Peru. If you would rather donate other than cash, here is a great way of helping! Listed below are a few of the (children oriented) items that we like to bring (although spanish adult bibles are also of great need!  Currently shopping for 50 complete bibles to use for worship services, OT & NT, in spanish).  

  1. Listed below are a couple well priced sources: BiblicaDirect or Pocket testament League are two great sources of spanish scriptures that we have used (see suggestions below) 
  2. Inform others about our Amazon link ... where a percent of your purchase price is passed on to our mission efforts!!  
  3. One other evangelism item that we can't get enough of are Evanga-Cubes! Here is a separate link showing this item in action.  From this same supplier, wrist bands that say "Yo Soy Segundo",