Many Financial support paths for LAMA 's ministry efforts


Read on as to all the ways you can assist us with your support.  

We are so grateful to our financial supporters and in light of the current growth of activities we are undertaking with the resident missionaries, we need you all the more.  With most charities, one should know the amount of your donation that actually goes to the need.  We are one of the most efficient charities with your donations.  We are an ALL VOLUNTEER Ministry.  No salary, living or travel expenses!  All board members are volunteers and missionaries are supported by their sending churches and their own support base*.   100% of your donation will go to the operation and services delivered to the villagers, the children, the need.  Your donation is 100% tax deductable and, for as long as we can, 100% matched by the founders making your donation 200% effective!!!  Those of us that dedicate a lot of time to this project, are not drawing any income and even paying our own travel and living expenses to Peru ourselves, as well as being major financial contributors to the funds being spent.  With all the charities out there that support great causes, I can think of no charity that can commit that their overhead is as low as ours and that ALL of your donation goes to the work being done!!   [* If you would like to ear-mark support for a specific missionary here, you can use this method, simply note their name with your donation.]

We certainly can use all the assistance that God may bring our way though, and we are wide open to suggestions, guidance, and especially church sponsorships for the mission or receiving your missionaries.    

Now we have multiple ways of giving:

  • First and foremost, your prayerful support is most needed and appreciated. We are most feed by what the Lord makes happen for us and this is assuredly directed greatly by the many prayers that are offered up for this ministry. We are very grateful for your keeping us in your prayers. Our highest prayer needs is to continue to give us favor in His direction, His wishes, and in thanks for the recent dedicated Mission couple that has committed to a long term stay here managing the Mission.  Of course, prayers for our finances; our continual relationship growth with the local villages and villagers, to minimize any 'religious' friction with other faiths, to strive for the spiritual health and growth of the people and community we are able to serve.  The main thrust of this Mission is to save souls .. we seek to show the people of San Juan Bautista district that missionaries have come and gone in the past but this is a permanent missionary investment in them and we are here to service their needs, and to let the world know of them, and to guide them to know Jesus more.  Thank you for your prayers. 
  • Donations of any amount are easily given via this webpage, for any amount, either one-time or recurring.  Just click here or on the DONOR button below or on our home page.  (Any particular instruction can be sent with the donation via Paypal by using the note field.)  YOu may also send donations to our mailing address (on front