Plan a Peru Mission Trip! short or long term!!


Where: Ica, Peru (El Carmen, San Juan Bautista)

When: Anytime!!! (now that we have a full time missionary family running the mission, they are ready to receive visitors, helpers, participants, teachers, etc. anytime with little exception!  

Why Here?: Good question, and there is a great deal of good you can bring with you here, and a tremendous number of reasons to come here.  Here's a whole separate (click me!) web page on why we are where we are and what brought us here and what to expect.  

Advanced Planning: Since we now have a permanent mission management family in place, one can plan a visit and stay anytime - just let us know.  If you want to stay at the mission (now possible with two dormitories, sleep up to 15 to 20 people) just write or call us and we will work out all the logistics with you. That planning can include a short stay in Miraflores (Lima coastal area) for your arrival and departure in Peru.  

  • Time of day: Peru does not practice daylight savings time, so half the year it is the same timezone as NY/Miami, the other half it is the same as Chicago/Dallas.  It is either 2 or 3 hours ahead of Pacific Time.)
  • Time of Year: Plan your seasons around the southern hemisphere, during Christmas it's summer weather and it's winter in June!!  The location of the mission and Lima are coastal elevations and definitely 12 month accessible areas, but just so you are aware of the climate seasons.  
  • What to Wear: In the winter, jackets and sweaters are advisable, although often needed only in the evenings.  In the summer, it can get pretty hot from noon till 4pm, but the Mission's 9 foot ceilings are very cool inside (villagers stop by all the time to enjoy).  Summer is great for Harvest festival in February, when all the grapes come in.  Summer is also best if you are planning any side trips to the mountains (Cusco, Machu Pichu, Puno, Titicaca) which are far cooler in the winter but do get 12 month tourism as well.  Winter is my favorite time of year (summer in the USA) cause it's the coolest weather.

    Cost: Airfare will be your biggest cost by far, but being in our same hemisphere far far more economical than a Europe, Africa or Asia flight.  In fact, most people can do a round trip flight to Peru far cheaper than most round trips