2012 Mar/Apr - Mission Trip (El Carmen)


[Last revised 6/22/2012] March 4-April 12, 2012 Peru trip - This trip was the longest that we have taken to our supported mission in south Peru. Three of us went on this trip, which we allocated 6 weeks for, Margaret planning to only spend 3 weeks. Our first 3 weeks, with the three of us together, we had a pretty full agenda. After that we thought perhaps we might get a little downtime at the end, however at the same time, we had a lot to get done, with our plans to completely demolish the old property and hopefully be able to pour the foundation for the new building.

We left on a red-eye from Los Angeles on March 4th, arriving the next morning in Lima/ Callao airport. After some delay with customs, we spent our first night in Lima, staying with a wonderful host family for the night. We left Lima on April 6th, for Ica by bus. While at the bus station in Lima, we made a new Christian friend named Ivette, who was heading to Ica to join her husband. She is an American from Puerto Rica, speaks excellent English and was most interested in our ministry. She helped us out on one of outreaches, more on that later.


When we arrived in Ica (a 2.75 movie ride, you always have to guess on the ending of the 3rd movie! ;-), we still had a good half hour drive north to get to El Carmen in San Juan Bautista district, our destination. Our regular host and driver, Rumundo, picked us up and we made it to El Carmen about 9:30pm after doing a little shopping trip in Ica before the drive. Had a wonderful evening getting acquainted with our El Carmen host family which conveniently lives next door to the property we are building on.

The next day, March 7th, we set out to get re-acquainted with the area and set our plans for what we had in front of us. Besides the property work that we planned, we always do a lot of evangelizing. We also brought many donated items which we were planning a few different outreaches for.

  1. Our first outreach was working with items provided by OneSight, an excellent company.  They provided us with a good supply of reading glasses which we structured one outreach around. We were only able to bring 120 glasses this trip and they went fast .. there is such a need. Glad to know that 120 people that were not able to read well before this trip, now can! We hope to bring many more glasses on our next trip, still this year, and the balance in 2013. [2012 Eyeglass Outreach photos].
  2. We had another major donation from a company that provides women brassiers for cancer sufferers in the USA. Although we didn't have the cancer sufferers, our women's outreach (March 13) had a great many women who benefited from this clothing donation. Many of them went home with fresh garments, bibles and some eye glasses, but mostly knowing that Jes