2013 Feb/Apr Mission Trip (Groundbreaking!)


GROUNDBREAKING!!!!   FINALLY!!!!    A very busy trip.  After 4 years of planning, engineering, legal, and more work, we are breaking ground!  An 8 week trip for our founder Lily SIlverthorn, and four week (joining her mid trip) for William.  

We actually broke ground after two weeks, and some false starts with the wrong contractor.  When we left after 6 additional weeks we had far more done than was ever expected.

From the picture on the left (an open field of rubble, to the picture on the right.  The first floor, including the roof and the out front courtyard overhang was done.  These last two items were a bonus that we did not think we could have squeezed in to the 6 weeks alloted.   (actually, at the end of the 6 weeks, we left the property for the USA with a forest full of supports inside holding up the newly poured roof.  The contractor, a few weeks afterwards, in removing the supports send us the picture on the right and a few more.)

An immense effort of brick, rebar, concrete, block and a lot of labor, and we now have a mission 'shell'!  Follow the trip in the two part blog below, first two thirds by Lily, latter third by William.  Thank you all for your prayers and financial support.  Without you, this would not have been possible.  Still so much more to do!!  But the dream is coming real!!

Part 1 - Feb 2 thru Mar 21
Part 2 - Mar 21 thru Apr 8 

Photo album for this trip