2015-2016 - Video recap of first "Sanchez year" at the mission


The Mission is so much better with Missionaries in it!!

I initially intended to just make a summary video of our 2nd trip to the mission this year, 2016 from August to October, but I thought it would be better to just show both trips including our Feb-March visit as well.  Once I made that decision, I realized that this is the 'year of the Sanchez's' at the Mission, who came to us in October 2015 and have had such a fantastic effect in doing so.  They have done so much to build relationships with the residents, the surrounding villages, our relationship with El Shaddai, the needs of the area, communication to the area.  With that in mind, I expanded the period of this 'short video' a little more to include their arrival time.  

So, this 'Year at the Mission' video includes two anniversary celebrations (2nd and 3rd), a fantastic Christmas of out reach to the surrounding unchurched children, Hearts & Hands knitting ministry visit, YWAM, OANSA, many events, bible studies, outreach, projects, construction, and just overall excellent memories, all things that have occured at the Mission since the Sanchez family have moved in.  

God bless all those that have participated and helped us get where we are, and share in the vision of this mission.  Thank you for showing those that live here that we are not just 'passing through' but care about them from where we are.  Thank you Lord for bringing this all together.  Guide us in our vision going forward.