2015 November - LAMA Mission timeline - 2010 to 2015


2015 November 7 - Timeline video showing 2010 to 2015 history of this project

Although this is a 13m45s long video, it gives the highlights of our entire project from start to current, including the 3 year build as well as our active 2 years as a functioning Missionary, finishing up with a 2 year anniversary celebration and the welcoming of our full time Missionary family to reside and manage the Mission work with the people of the surrounding villages. 

We have full dormitories available for group visits and would love the opportunity to have your church, fellowship, youth or adult group come and interact with the local people.  God bless this community of El Carmen, El Olivos, San Pedro and Invacion, all in San Juan Bautista district of Ica Province, 15 kilometers north of the city of Ica, in the Region of Ica, Peru.  

For more information on this Mission and Latin American Missions Association, please visit our website at:  http://www.LAMAministry.org or either of two facebook pages, one for our Ministry, the other for the actual Mission.