Homes of Hope - Ica, Perú

before and after kitchenWe initiated this mission project primarily focused on evangelism, which comes in all forms.  After all, what we accomplish here in this physical world accounts for nothing if we don't take care of our final destination.   Much of evangelism is purely spiritual and that is where we spend most of our time, in prayer, worship, teaching, and interacting with those living in the surrounding community.  A lot of it starts with the youngest members of the families, we have a bigger job with the teenagers, and still harder to reach the adults.  In all of this is the awareness of hope, lack of it, faith, need for it.  Much of where these people fail and give up is the hopelessness of their lives.  They work very hard and have little to show for it.  Then nature comes and hits them hard.  An 8.0 earthquake of 2007 for instance;  and even more recent, 2017, 200 Jobs and dozens of homes were washed away in local floods....

LAMA Ministry - Financial Summary

Your tax deductible support is greatly appreciated and can help ensure the success of our mission. Thank You!  Every dollar you donate goes 100% to the operation of the mission or supplying needed items for the mission, or to teaching, working with, clothing or feeding the needy!  None of your donated funds go to salaries, travel, overhead, volunteers.  We also have been able to find matching gifts for every dollar that is raised so your $10 becomes $20!!  

Meet the Barriga Family. from Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

Barriga family at Peru mission​​Venezuela to Peru travel map

Let us introduce you to our mission host family, the Barriga's.  Their names are Sosimo Andrate Barriga Romero and his wife Yannirett Mogollon de Barriga. They are both 43 years old, and they have a son, Daniel Samuel Barriga Mogollon (Just turned 8 on May 24th, 2019). 

They have made a long difficult journey to serve at La Mision in Peru. Please click on this article and get familiar with them.

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