2016 November 11-17 USA/Mexico/Peru - Mission Trip

San Diego California and Michoacana, Mexico joined up to pay a visit to the Mission in Peru, supporting missionaries Julio Cesar Sanchez & Yareni Chávez Díaz (& daughter Cecia), while also bringing Irma Rosa Reyes Tiscareño as a new missionary to join.

Hank Sybrandy, wife Candy Sybrandy and their beautiful bi-lingual granddaughter, Cali, made the journey from California, along with Doug Sholder, missions coordinator from Branch Church. They will be joined from Mexico with Tanto & Cinthya Husain, and Irma (along with Tanto and Cinthya's two son's) and continuing on to Lima Peru for one night. [Tanto runs a missionary school in Mexico and has been instrumental in the staffing of this Peruvian mission.]  After one night in Lima, they continued on the next day to LAMA Mission in Ica, Peru and joined up with fellow Californian's Richard & Tae Lamb.

The whole group was very busy while at the mission, attending many bible studys in homes [on 11th, 12th & 14th]; Church at mission and in Ica [on the 13th]; operating an outreach in San Pedro [on the 12th], OANSA outreach at Mission [on 13th]. They left for Lima on the 15th for two nights. Left Lima for Mexico and USA on November 17th.  (Click here, or either photo in this article, to visit photo gallery)


2015-2016 - Video recap of first "Sanchez year" at the mission

The Mission is so much better with Missionaries in it!!

This 'Year at the Mission' video includes two anniversary celebrations (2nd and 3rd), a fantastic Christmas of outreach to the surrounding un-churched children, Hearts & Hands knitting ministry visit, YWAM, OANSA, many events, bible studies, outreach, projects, mission construction, home construction and just overall excellent memories, all things that have occurred at the Mission since the Sanchez family have moved in.


2016 (Aug) Video of Hearts & Hands visit to Peru Mission

Short video of the Hearts & Hands Knitting ministry from San Diego, and their visit to Peru. They spent a week training the local villagers, alnd supplying them, for knitting and crocheting. They ran ten classes, 5 for adults and 5 for youth. They brought and left behind spanish 'how to" books, needles, hooks, looms, yarn, and a rewinder. They created a group of four that committed to lead and carry on further training to widen the knowledge base. After leaving the first week we published a schedule and had two adult meetings, the second week, those two meetings continued as well as two yourh meetings. A very large interested base of knitters have formed around the mission and the training received. Thank you Hearts & Hands for your very unique gift to the mission. May we make the most of it.

2016 (Aug-Oct) 2nd Mission Trip - Hearts&Hands, Huacachina, OANSA & more!

This is our travel blog for the second extended 2016 Missionary trip to Peru by LAMA Ministry.  Our main purpose of this trip is to continue to work with the village and their needs but we are also making this trip with a large group from San Diego to teach knitting and crocheting skills to the villagers, with the hope of passing on a marketable skill.  We have great expectations from this trip and are excited to be sharing it with many others.  Please enjoy this blog as it's written and afterwards. 


Luciana/Jose's home is caving in - Please consider helping with this home rebuiid mini-project


2016 August 27 - Although we are still about $1000 away from paying for this as built, and it is less than what they need (another bedroom is still needed), we have pressed forward in faith to get this construction underway and behind us on this current trip!  We thank so many of you for your faith offerings and we want you to know that they are being spent specifically on this need. 

By this weekend, the walls and ceiling will be done, and hopefully within a few more days we will have all the electrical, water, sewer done as well, so we can pour the floor and hang the windows and doors.  Layout of this construction will be that, different than the existing 2 rooms that it is attached to, it will have a solid concrete ceiling for future construction of another bedroom upstairs when funds allow.  (Currently the three of them sleep in the bottom of a bunk bed where a 16 year old cousin sleeps in the top bunk. bottom is a double, top is a twin.  They need that 2nd bedroom, but having a secured kitchen and bathroom was the greatest need to resolve immediately and we will have that done this month!). 

We will continue to post pictures of this construction throughout the blog for this trip.  We are so grateful to all of you.  If you can help us to complete the funding of this project, we are so thankful.  Again, always know that your donation is tax deductable and matched 100%.  


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