New Prospective Missionary to Perú - Irma Rosa Reyes Tiscareño

May we introduce to you, Irma Rosa Reyes Tiscareño: As many of my friends know, before the end of year if God permits, I will make a missionary trip to Peru, specifically to El Carmen where the LAMA Ministry mission is located which I will serve.  Important steps have been achieved this month since I got my passport!  I want to tell you that it is the first time that I have had a passport, so I am deeply grateful to my Lord. 

I've been preparing in different topics that could help us at the LAMA mission to share the Gospel.

Meet our resident Missionaries - the Sanchez family

We are from Coacoyul, Guerrero México. While we served in our local church we felt God’s calling to missions.  In September of 2014 we studied at an International Missions Training Center in Morelia, Michoacán.  In June of 2015 we received an invitation to work in El Carmen, Peru.  

We arrived October 9th that same year and we are ministering to the Peruvian people through Bible studies in homes, church services, family counseling, ministering to youth and children, and evangelism in neighboring villages. 

Our goal is to make disciples so they may reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this area of Peru.  


Hearts & Hands Mission Trip - August 2016

Hearts & Hands handiwork
In August, the Hearts & Hands knitting ministry from Branch Church of San Diego, will be going down to our Peru Mission. They are planning a10 day trip, which should give them about 7 days at the mission to supply, equip and train local residents on knitting and crocheting skills that hopefully they will find marketable and able to provide additional income for their needs. They also will be sharing God's love with the residents.

2016 Feb/Mar - Peru Mission Trip

Our first mission trip of 2016, with another planned for the month of August thereabouts.  This trip is primarily evangelical, with some hopes on completing the roof on the 3rd floor.  We will also be looking into some projects in the village that we initated discussion on, and to further the relationship building that our resident missionaries, Julio and Yareni have been very instrumental on initiating.

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