Mission OANSA children perform dance number in Ica Peru

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."  [Matthew 19:14]

Final Performance of OANSA members dance routine was this Sunday, November 8, at El Shaddai Christiana Comunidad in Ica, Peru.  After many weeks of practice and extensive interaction of correography efforts of Vincent Costagnola and a great crew from El Shaddai Comunidad of Ica, the El Carmen OANSA dance stage number is finally delivered to Pastor Martin Laos's pleasure. God bless the children of the world.

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2015 -- Construction coming to a close ..

Finally!!!   After a month working here on this second trip of 2015, and after 3 years leading up to this point, our construction is pretty much behind us on this trip.

We started this vision after the 2007 major earthquake that devastated this area, and our own retirement in 2009.  With multiple trips centered around what to do with a donated piece of property in the center of this village, we did many outreaches, met with lawyers and engineers and worked up a plan.  

We demolished the severly earthquake damaged 100+ year old building that was on the property in early 2012 and ended up with dilemma of how to deal with a wall on the property line that was huge, heavy and severly earthquake damaged that no contractor wanted to dig a footer for our building. God intervened and brought us a 50% expansion of our prior narrow property and the wall was ours to take down!!


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