2014 (Sept/Oct) return to Mission - Final floor

Back to Peru, 2nd trip for me this year, 3rd for Lily. This time we are taking a few Pastoral leaders from the Branch church of San Diego with us. Would love for any and all to make this mission a planned mission trip for yourself, your youth group, and others. We thank you in advance for any and all consideration and would love to answer any questions. Please don't hesitate to call, write or post your questions. In the mean time, off to Peru and this will be the blog of this two month long trip and our focus on continuing to build the mission in Ica Peru.

Photo Album of Trip

How can I help?

We can't do what we are doing alone and believe me, often it feels like we are. But thankfully, we have had some tremendous support from many and with that, we press forward. Most of all, it is from our Father above that we seek support, and prayers from everyone to this end, as this project has become so much more than the unpaid volunteers of LAMA can do.

What can I do to help, participate, support this effort?

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