2015 - March/April/May Mission Trip - part 1 of 4

March 11, Wednesday - Having left California and traveled all day Tuesday (5 hour layover in Dallas) we arrived after midnight Wednesday morning but didn't get to sleep until 4am. With many construction plans at the mission as our primary goal, we also need to do some finalization on our Lima property which we are putting forth for a hostel stop over for visiting missionary small groups. We need to finish some plans around bed acquisitions, new window installations and refrigerator. It is currently ready to sleep 6 but we hope to push that up to 10 on the outside. Sleeping in a bit on Wednesday, with a late 1pm breakfast, after getting some minor groceries accross the street. We then went to buy a new refrigerator.

Mission visit? Come on down! We got you covered!

LAMA Miraflores - BunkroomWe have a 'meet you at the airport' package plan designed to get you when you land in Lima, lodging while in Lima for a night or two and to the Mission in Ica and back to Lima and then the airport, all for $350 or $500 per person (one or two week) plan, assuming minimum of 4 people. Come on down, the Mission needs you, see Peru, add on a side trip, consult with us. We love Peru and are very interested in making it easy for Missionaries to get to the Mission in Ica. That is our goal. To make that journey as safe, least expensive and easy as possible.

Material purchases for Mission Construction, El Carmen

Nearly 20,000 bricks so far! That's a lot of brick!! Just good old fashion counting (before there was anything known as 'accounting") of the major materials we have used so far on this Mission project in El Carmen, SJB, Ica, Peru. It's been two and a half years of purchases, but actually 25 months of real building of the structure. Anyway, if interested in the breakdown of these numbers over that period of time for brick, block, cement and rebar, click below ... if not, 'these are not the droids you are looking for!"

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