Amazon shoppers? Please use this link!!


With the spirit of the holidays, and the cyber world we live in, many of us do a lot of shopping online. We have become 'affiliates' on Amazon so any purchases you make on this popular service will benefit our ministry IF you access Amazon from our website (this item is not tax-deductible of course).   If you frequent Amazon (like I do) please consider using this link instead.

It doesn't cost you any more but Amazon then has our earthquake mission (Lama Ministry, El Carmen, San Juan Bautista, Ica, Peru) as a recipient of from 1 to 15% of what you spend. It is an excellent cause and costs you nothing! Just use the link!  

Alternatively, you can go to once, and set your charity to benefit, so all future purchases you make via this link ( will benefit your charity of choice.  We would hope that you would make that be us by selecting "L A M A Latin American Missions Association" as your charity of choice. More on this mission is available at God bless each and everyone of you this year!  Remember, "It takes a Village!" 

____ What follows are specific instructions to set your Amazon phone or tablet app to use directed to our mission.   Here is the Amazon link of explanation.  Our similar instructions follow, only diference is that we show you the actual icon you should see for Lama - Latin American Missions Association

  1. amazon app iconmake sure amazon mobile app being currentMake sure your mobile Amazon app is current.  You can do that on your mobile device or, even easier, just go to download it again and the source library will see that you already have it and instead of offering 'download' as an option, it will either say "installed" (meaning you are current) or "update" which means you are not current.   If the latter, please update the app.  

  2. Once current, go into the app simply by clicking on the icon on your phone or tablet. 

  3. amazon app settingsinside the applicationWhile inside the application, go to the horizontal bars on the upper left for options to use.  

  4. You will now have a menu of options, one entry is "Settings", please select this option. 

  5. LAMASelect smile The setting you want to select to modify  is "AmazonSmile" 

  6. Inside AmazonSmile, select (may have to type) Lama - Latin American Missions Association, and click 'change charity'.

  7. You are done!!!!  From now on, at NO COST to you, every Amazon purchase you make will benefit us at our mission with the needy that we support.  Thank you so very much for doing this!!   



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