Carlos family - a typical Mission family (video)


Meet Carlos and his family.  They have very little, living in a very meager home.  Carlos was missing school for lack of shoes, until we got him a pair.  Their house is a dirt floor but they are better than many in that they have a sewer linkup, just no toilet.  7 people in two bedrooms.  Mother and oldest daughter, Kelly, make money to supplement fathers farm wages by sweeping streets for the city.  Kelly and Luis (her brother) also volunteer at the Mission to help other children.  We are exploring with others how to improve their living situation.  We have provided shoes and clothing for two of the boys, school backpacks for all three of them, and are working with a local Orthodontist for needed care as well.

Our biggest goal here is to be able to provide an improved housing situation, actual floor, walls and ceiling for their living area.  You can see part of it in the video here.

May we come along side them and others like them to help however we can. Please watch this short video, which gives you some more details on the family.   (Enter "Carlos" in the note below and press the donate button if you are so interested.  We are a 501c3 organization and we cannot do this without you.  God bless.)

Pictures of Rameriz family home