$10 for "any" Mission or charity can take a pair of $30-50+ sandals as well!!


How shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things! [Romans 10:15]

Thank You Beautiful Feet Ministry!!!    This Ministry supports mission ministries such as ours, or can be used to fund individual missionaries traveling to missions like ours.  

They are in partnership with Cobian shoe manufacturer, who make some beautiful sandals and shoes that retail from $30-$50 each.  Any merchandise that has the slightest imperfections (and I do mean slightest, as I can't see anything wrong with 99% of them) Cobian will not market retail, and instead simply directs them through Beautiful Feet to the needy.   Beautiful Feet (rather than just shipping all of them in bulk to the needy ministry areas around the globe that they support) makes this footwear also available for local missionaries, missions or needy outreach programs to raise funds. 

Here's how it works: For every $10 raised for your 'cause' with these sandals, $5 goes to your cause (Mission, Outreach, Program or Missionaries), ALONG WITH a pair of sandals/shoes. Again, these are footwear valued from $30-$50+!!  The other $5 goes to other Mission support programs of Beautiful Feet.  Since the entire $10 is going to charity, the donor is eligible for 100% tax deductable receipt.   

Our own particular mission is situated in a very dry coastal region of Peru and this footwear is ideal for the poor families that live there, many of the kids being shoeless or wearing shoes that need to be replaced.  

Our Mission in Ica, Peru

Our goal with this Mission ministry is to build a per-manent presence in the San Juan Bautista District of Ica Province, Peru.  This area was one of the most severely hit by the 2007 (8.0) earthquake, still in need of much repair.  Since they are all farm workers that live here, not a lot of people are helping them rebuild.  

Our purpose is to be a permanent presense, not just a traveling missionary or loving group that comes and goes away.  (But we welcome such groups, and provide housing for them.)  We want to make the villagers see that the love and care from afar is real and not just fleeting, that this Mission is there to house the missionaries (both short and long term), to support the locals, to bring them asssistance, to encourage their spiritual growth, and to be something that they come to know and trust.  

We are only one couple, my wife coming from this area of the world, that has decided to give back in this small way to these people.   We are as 100% that a charity can be, since no one takes any salary, no donations go to travel or living expense, but just to the outreach and keep of the Mission.  Our entire board is also made up of volunteers, as are the resident long term missionaries, who are supported by their home churches.  

Help us help these villagers by showing your love.   Every dollar given goes toward the Mission and the people of San Juan Bautista District.   All missionary costs are paid for by the missionaries. 

We would love you to consider visiting our Mission on a trip, or sponsoriing someone else doing so.  We have created a great Hostel location in Miraflores area of Lima for your first night or two after arriving, as well as your last night before leaving Peru.  With this location, we now can offer a package 'at cost' for people to make a one week or longer missionary trip, inclusive of all ground transportation, lodging and food for both Lima and Ica, for only $350* for a week.  Please drop us an inquiry, ask us for details. 
*(add $12/day for longer.  Available for long term [two months or longer]? daily cost can be half that.  All costs are exclusive of airfare to Peru of course).   

FOR OTHER MISSIONS & OUTREACH - As to using these wonderful sandals for your own charity, we look forward to hearing from you.  We have implemented this for homeless programs, Mexican mission, orphanages, and more.  We would love to set you up and supply you with as many as you need.  The program would work the same way, with your mission or missionary getting $5 toward their needs, as well as the sandals, and your donor getting a charitable tax deduction for the full $10.

Please contact us by phone, email, facebook, twitter or snailmail (all info on front page of this website).  We would love to work with you. 

Let us know how we can work with your church.    This great program from Beautiful Feet and Cobian are just one way for you to assist a charity of your choosing, a missionary trying to fund a trip, as well as assist the people a particular outreach is trying to assist (village youth, adult, needy, homeless, etc) that can put these donated sandals to use.  

We would love to work with you.  Please get hold of us (as long as you are in the southern California vicinity, we can probably work with you and get you some of these sandals to use for your charity fund raising. 

Contact us if any questions whatsoever.   Help us!  It takes a village!! 

FOR PERU MISSION - As to our own Peru mission, please make a $10 (per pair) donation to help us with our Mission project, and to provide shoes for these children and their families. (Simply use Donate link on lower right of this article).  God bless each of you for any and all donation you make, nothing is too small.   Please consider giving.  Any amount, especially if you can make it a monthly recurring gift.  Whatever you can give is totally tax deductable and end of the year receipts sent if needed.  

ALSO - Please consider letting us tell our 'mission story' to your church or fellowship group.  When we come to your church, we also make finger puppets available (hand made by Incan villagers) for a small $2 donation, and the children love them.  

Please consider making our mission a destination for your church missionary trip.  More information in information box on right.  There are many other ways you can assist us as well!

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation.  
The old has gone, the new is here!
[2 Corinthians 5:17]