La Misión - What are we about?


areal view of villages

So, what is "La Misión" all about?  We get a lot of questions about what we do here at the mission, so thought I would put this 'overview' together.  [If you are interested in more of the "bigger picture", such as where in Peru, or why we are 'here', here is a link you should look at first.]   The page below is a more dynamic "day to day" list, ever changing, but is a good snapshot.   

Our mission is equipped for short or long term mission visits.....


  • We have 7 villages total that we visit, 5 in immediate walking distance, 2 nearby that we drive to.  Activity photos with children at these different locations are visible in many different location specific albums on our facebook page:
    Youth Population
    (* estimated)
    El Carmen, San Pedro, Invacion, Altura 450 200 650
    El Olivos * 350 150 500
    San Juan Bautista, Guayaquil * 550 300 850
    Total * 1,350 650 2,000
    • El Carmen (where the mission is located), and
    • Invacion (which is immediately next door, where we have had on and off home bible studies),
    • San Pedro (only village that is a gravel road walk away but closest to "Cristo Blanco"),
    • El Olivo (to our north, a large very active with children village),
    • Altura (closest to our north and where the clinic is located),
    • Quilloay, our newest location to our south about 4 kilometers, and 
    • San Juan Bautista, a large village, by request of the mayor, that is 7 kilometers south of the mission.  (we need to take a car ride to get to both of the last two sites). 
  • We have a tremendous number of children that we work with in the surrounding villages. 
    • The government helped us do a census in 2015 and we came up with about 450 children between the ages of 2-12 in 4 of the villages.  The census did not cover the large village to our north we etimated another 300+
    • The local government has been encouraging us (with facilities and contacts) to also work in San Juan Bautista (a short car ride south of us, about 7 kilometers) and we have been doing so since 2017.  This adds easily another 500+ children (ages 2-12) to our total. 
    • We estimate that we have 5 to 700 teenagers in same geographic distance to mission.  
  • Samaritans Purse logo2017 samaritan purse children We just had our 3rd year with the Samaritans Purse program, having 160 and 200 children the first two years, and about 50 that we worked with simultaneously during our YWAM DTS a third year (2019).  From these three years we had 40, 60 & 40 (respectively) children graduate a 12 week bible study program.   
  • OANSA logoWe ran AWANA (OANSA in spanish) programs for ages 2 to 12 for two years, and followed with a year of a home grown Bible School similarly modeled, all before we adopted the Samaritans Purse training. 
    • We have just received training for an OANSA  teen program to teach.  We hope to start a teen center on the 3rd floor very soon (bought a foosball table! looking for air hockey next).  
    • We have other Vacation Bible School teaching material that we are also working with.  
  • Education opportunities in language, music, school studies, prep school work, computer skills, sports and more.  Most of these children get a basic schooling in a government school nearby and few have any more opportunities in front of them other than to default into labor work on farms near by.  
  • baseball groupKids love to play soccer, basketball or volleyball with visiting missionaries.  With a new Venezuelan resident pastor, and a 2019 gift from a USA church, we are introducing baseball to the youth. (Didn't know that baseball was popular in Venezuela and basically unknown in the rest of South America!)  The children are really enjoying it but again we are 'staff challenged' in working with the hundreds of children that we have interest in what we can do. 
  • Most of these children grow up with a wrongful image of life, since both parents usually work and a large number of children are home alone most of the time.  Mothers nurture but are home one day per week, fathers are gone and home once a week but often out drinking with other fathers.   We seek to provide the children a second home, a safe environment.  
  • Adults: We have many cell sites for bible study (Cabildo, Altura, etc) in homes that we run during the week.   Adult counseling opportunities are of great importance for the mission as well.  We have had regular weekly meetings with women who have a passion for knitting and crocheting now for 4+ years.  We are in planning to initiate a men's group with help from Lima, something that these villages truly need.   We have had many events and unscheduled individual opportunities for couples, un-wed mothers, pregnant teens, marriage, families, etc.   We are focused on bringing Christ to each and every family in the area and representing Him in all that we do. 
  • HOMES OF HOPEHome construction and repairWe have many homes that need repairs, a new wall, ceiling, etc but getting into construction needs requires advanced knowledge if that is what a team desires.  Here is a link on our website of our current and past projects.  Here's also a photo album of our recently completed (2019) project in Altura for a local widow.  Here is a video of our earlier 2016 completed project for a single mom and two children. 
    • We are very much in need of construction leadership and teams in this area.   This is one of our two primary goals with the placement of this mission where it is.  We are finding some new partners in this area and if you would like to know more please email or call us as we would love your assistance.  
  • Evangelism in the mission or on the street is always well received.  We have specific tracts printed for the Mission, and are giving them out often in the villages or in Ica as well.   We have many gospels of John available, as well as new testaments and complete bibles.  We desire to get a bible in every home and help them understand or impliment a good study or discipleship program.   
  • We just completed setting up a theatre room (with surround sound audio) so they can enjoy movie night once a week.  We put this audio/video equipment to use mostly for worship and teaching as well.   
  • Music is a passion that we would love to press forward on, just recently getting a few local volunteers to help us.  We have a synthesizer-keyboard (Korg), a guitar, drums, speakers, mixer, microphones and we often have different attempts at youth choir work.  We have many different church friends in Ica we can use as an incentive for the children to perform after they learn and practice a song or choreography presentation.  We only need a consistant leader to help.   We are recently blessed with two fantastic local volunteers in this area and we pray for this ministry to grow.
  • Dental Hygiene workDental Hygiene & Dentistry is a new area for us.  We had a hygienist recently (2019) come down for 8-10 days and spent 6 of them, with a staff of two and a translator, cleaning 150 mouths.  The local clinic who we are now having a great relationship with, was most enthusiastic and we now plan to expand on the program annually.   In 2020, we are currently planning to bring multiple hygienist AND multiple dentists.  We are working to also bring equipment, working on the grant applications to acquire it.  We would then keep the equipment at the mission and continue with annual visits if not two or three times per year, moving around to different clinics around the geography.  This ministry has just started. 
  • Medical - We just started discussions with a missionary doctors group and have had preliminary meetings in our village with both the school principles and local clinic, exploring a parasite reduction program as well as full medical team visitations.  This is still in the early stages and would be  
  • We encourage working with outside churches to bring missionaries to these villages.   We have had churches come down for a week or two, individuals and families come for weeks or 1 to 3 months.  We strongly are encouraging people that wish to do mission work and commit to this area for 1-5 years as well.   
  • Jucum Ica logoWe have recently joined with Youth With a MissionYWAM, as a new base as of 2018, having our first Discipleship Training School in 2019 and another scheduled for January 2020.   We are now a YWAM base (JUCUM in spanish), but first and foremost we are a mission to serve the people of the surrounding communities.   We are meeting and talking with a much smaller YWAM startup base in Pisco, up the road about an hour but closer to the ocean.  We are excited about the opportunities we have to combine efforts of our two sites to serve both areas, assisting each other where needed. 
  • DormitoriesThe Ica Mission is equipped with 2 dormitories which sleep about 14.  We also have 3 futon queens, convertible classrooms into bedrooms, 5 private rooms created for longer term private staff that are available. two of which are currently occupied by our Venezuela host family.  Internet is available base-wide.  Short term and long term pay a modest lodging fee. Meals are also available for modest cost. 

We welcome your inquiry and would love to answer any specific questions.  We do have a USA phone number at the base that we can talk over (858-203-1120) while at the mission, or that we can put you in touch with our host family if you would like.  Our US & Perú contact information is also listed on our website.  Otherwise we can continue to connect worldwide via Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.  We also have a Peru phone number (when we are down there) and our resident missionaries have cell phones as well if needed to reach. 

Hopefully the above gives you a better overview of what we are all about on a daily, weekly or current basis. 

[suggestion: "
La Misión" is simply spanish for "The Mission".  It is important that if saying it in spanish that you pronounce it in spanish, 'la Mis-e-ó-nn', definitely not 'La Mission" ;-) We also go by the following names: La Misión Ica,  YWAM Ica, or JUCUM Ica ]