YWAM/JuCUM designation

YWAM logoAfter much discussion and training, La Misión, Ica (LAMA's Mission in Ica Perú) is now part of the  YWAM global family of ministries.  We are the 7th active YWAM site in Perú (as of this writing).  Youth with a Mission (YWAM) is also known as Juventud Con Una Misión (JCUMJUCUM or JuCUM) in Spanish.  

Currently with a staff of 4 (sometimes up to 10), we are hoping to become a fully staffed YWAM/JuCUM site, catering primarily to:

  • Five (5) Agrarian villages in walking distance to the mission (and a few more by car) that we outreach to.
  • Children (ages 2-12) with weekly bible based training programs, exercise and worship.  
  • Creation of an active teen center (ages 13-19) where there is comfort and safety for youth of that age. 
  • Home Cell sites for bible study and/or discipleship training in family homes in community
  • after school secondary place for youth to do homework, find comradery, learn about Jesus, use the internet (supervised) and more
  • Construction assistance (Mercy Ministry) for needy homes (earthquake of 2007 still has it's effect here 12 years later)
  • Childrens worship servicesFamily counseling - work, children, finances, living together, apart, health issues, getting by, all are real issues that these villagers deal with as well.  
  • Church - Active on site (YWAM DTS trained) Pastor and church.  We come along all efforts to open a church in the area, but until there is one, we offer Sunday worship and services for youth and adults.  
  • Music - we have full instruments and audio-video equipment if you would like to be part of our music ministry. 
  • Active singing choral teaching and recruiting of the local children (and a few adults)
  • Movie night, sports, activity initiation with local children, and more. 

YWAM Arequipa visiting future home of YWAM IcaIf you are interested in serving, short term or long, (or interested in our offering Discipleship Training (DTS; in espanol, EDE, Escuela de Entrenamiento de Discipulado) please contact us.   Next DTS/EDE planned for January 2020.

For more information, send us an email to YWAMIca@LAMAministry.org or call us at:
(US) 858.270.2345 San Diego, USA   
(US) 310.849.4015 USA cellular & WhatsApp
(US) 858.203.1120 Misión en Perú
(PE) 98.995.7358 celular (seasonal)

Facebook: YWAMIca    Future YWAM-Ica website  

Ica DTS 2020 schedule