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Back at the mission ... We arrived at “La Misión” in time for more rest and Sunday services in evening.  Caught a lunch in the village at what we like to refer to as ‘Burro King’ and ran into one of my ‘little friends’ who was glad to see me.   Abel Quispe, our contractor of five years, came by to discuss work with us (wasting no time).  Although we didn’t bother to go into Ica for services at El Shaddai, we did enjoy services that evening at the mission.  

14 August, Monday - day of rest at the mission.  We did a construction supply run to Ica to get Abel started with the 3 bathrooms that needed to be tiled.  He was available to work, and could do that major chore on his own.   


Shawl, purses and coin holders all made by mission knitting talentModeling a shawl made by a local mission knitter - help us support their work.May 1, Monday - Quiet day at the mission, usually is on Monday with the resident missionaries taking this one day a week off.  However, due to car problems, Abel and his crew also took the day off.  Not a lot going on.  However, we did get a chance to show off some of the knitting works that we will be bringing back to the USA made by some talent here at the mission.  Looking to build their skills and bring their creations home to share.  

Morning prayerMay 2, Tuesday - Busy day, starting off with a great morning of prayer first with many village visitors.  The Mission is getting to be known as the house of prayer.  A blessing in itself. 

The construction crew showed up and had a lot to do for preparation for the big pour on the first floor.  Many electrical tubes to run, sewer hookups, water lines both hot and cold, some work outside on the wall for the lights to be able to hook up and support as well.  A lot of items to cover. 

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2017 construction mission ceiling preparedApril 1, Saturday - Well this was supposed to be the big day.  I got up to see how prepared the roof was for the big pour.  Still had some minor electrical tubing to do but everything else looked ready to go.  Elevator was delivered, and ready to be setup.  Workers needed to bring around mixer and cement and when the elevator operator was ready, time to move ... problem is that the 'electrician' or 'operator' never showed up .. Poor Abel had his workers all set, standing around waiting for the guy.  Went to lunch, still by 2pm no operator.  Too much risk to operate ourselves, as it's a 3 phase electrical motor and all, so Abel made the decision to quit till Monday.  All the cement bags had to be taken back to the front of the building again and the mixer put back in the garage.  An entirely wasted day.  The crew that work for the 'operator' had to come and take down their elevator.  Abel has another one coming on Monday, one that we used before on the mission building, so we know the operator I guess.  Lost two days of setting for the 2nd floor which could be important as we try to work the overall planning of what we can get done on this trip.  

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At LAX, unloaded and ready to get our tickets to return to PeruWe returned to Peru on March 7th, and plan to stay until May 17th.  We come with a good amount of plans of things to get completed, moved forward and to touch base on.  

We look forward to meeting Irma Reyes, our newest resident missionary, face to face, at the Mission.  Up to now we have had Skype calls with her, Facebook messages and have seen pictures and video and really appreciate her energy and hard work in working with the community.  We really are excited about working and visiting along side of her.  

Of course our regular missionary family, the Sanchez's, we are equally excited about seeing again and hearing all of the progress, challenges, the recent flood relief, the success of the Hearts & Hands ministry, the youth, married couples program, and more.  

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