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What is Your Legacy? 

Help Support L.A.M.A. Ministry by leaving your "mark" in Peru with a Donor Brick.

Construction of the San Juan Bautista (St John the Baptist) Missionary Center took over three years to complete.  With much legal, engineering and government meetings starting in 2010, we cleared the property in 2012 ready to break ground the next year. Taking two separate trips in 2013, we completed building the first floor, we also depleted a good amount of our funds.  As of October 2013,we had the first floor operational with weekly church services and a regular youth group meeting, only because we went into debt to get it completed.  The building has been put to use ever since. By the end of 2013 we stated:

  • we had a church planted there for Sunday service and outreach which has been very active;
  • We have a kitchen to serve meals;
  • We have windows, doors, electricity and running water, so we can actually house missionaries who visit (although on cots, but we welcome all).  
  • We have a master bedroom complete so we were actively looking for a married couple to live there as caretaker missionaries.  
  • We were able to start the second & third floor in 2014, to follow up with plans for classrooms, dormitories, additional meeting areas. 

By November of 2015, after 4 more trips (total of 10 months) to continue the construction: 

  • We celebrated our 1st & 2nd anniversry for weekly services for both adults and children. 
  • We had our first year of a widely successful O.A.N.S.A. chapter (AWANA in USA) that has over 40 youth active,
  • We had completed the entire 2nd floor, with two complete dormitories, bunk beds and futons enough to sleep 13+ people, soon 20.
  • We installed 5 toilets, 5 sinks, and 4 showers on the 2nd floor, with two classrooms and a community room as well. 
  • We completed a small apartment on the 3rd floor for a resident missionary couple to live, also with complete facilities. 
  • We completed a wide open area on the 3rd floor for larger gatherings than the 1st floor can handle.  We have still to install a "soft roof" (which we did in 2016). 
  • We completed all electrical, lighting, internet and coaxial wiring for all three floors. 
  • We welcomed a full time missionary family (The Sanchez's)  to reside and manage the mission, now able to receive short term missionaries, and work with the local resident families, 12 months of the year. 

We moved forward on faith, that the Lord will provide, and completed (for the most part) the entire 3 story building in 2015, funding by financial loan that which we did not have. (all finances being reported on this website). We now have identified so much need that can be affected here in helping the local residents come to know their saviour.  Needs such as residential construction, spiritual, clothing, prayer, health and just generally letting them know that the world cares for them.  The area has not recovered from the 2007 terrible earthquake (8.0) that affected this area.  Help us continue to help them to rebuild not just physically, but emotionally and especially spiritually.  Our ministry has been funded totally by donations, and our missionaries are all self sufficient, paying their own way.  NO donation dollars go to travel, lodging or food expenses of the volunteers, founders, or missionaries, allowing 100% of your donation to be directed to the operational, and support expenses needed to reach out and help the needy of this area. 

In 2016, with two trips, we did a lot of ministry and outreach on the first trip and came to the realization that the Sanchez's (our resident missionary family) need help as there is so much need.  However, we do not have enough space for additional full time missionaries to come here, and we need additional meeting facility on the first floor for youth (due to the success of the Sunday services, and a need for a ground floor meeting area for the children).   With that in mind, we broke ground in late 2016 on a second building first providing us that additional outreach and meeting space on the first floor. Long term, funds allowing, we will have lodging on the second floor specifically aimed at long-term missionary needs.  The more missionary space that we can provide here, the more outreach and services can be offered.  

We invite you, in this special time of this missions infancy, to support the ministry by purchasing your personalized, engraved brick that will be placed on the front courtyard walls of our new facility and will become a part of LAMA history, a part of the foundation for all to read and see. To denote level of giving (see below for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond definitions) we will add a 'star' to the engraving for the Silver level, two stars for Gold, three for Platinum and four for Diamond, five for Foundation.  [click here for pictures of the wall and many of the bricks already in place!] All proceeds are 100% tax deductible (USA) and will go towards the retirement of the debt towards the completion of this Christian Community Center in the earthquake damaged village of El Carmen, San Juan Bautista, Ica, Peru. 

Donor Brick Order Form

Please type carefully.  Copy will be set exactly as entered by you.  All orders will be confirmed via email, tax receipts will be sent.  Optional certificates available with photo of your engraved brick. 
20 characters per line (spaces and hyphens are considered characters).  
We will try to accommodate special graphic requests (Asian characters, praying hands, cross, other symbols, etc.) but that will need to be found on a font that the engraver can reproduce.

Category $ Sample notes
Bronze $100-$150+ 2 or 3 lines ($150).  
Silver $200+

up to 3 lines (per brick) - single star 

Gold $500+ up to 3 lines (per brick) - dual stars
Platinum $1,000+ up to 3 lines (per brick) - three stars
Diamond $5,000+ up to 3 lines (per brick) - four stars
Founder $10,000+ up to 3 lines (per brick) - five
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Payment Instructions

Please make check payable to "Latin American Missions Association" and mail payment to:

3952-D Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #135
San Diego, CA 92117

Brick order will be processed once payment is received.

If selected, a commemorative certificate will be mailed to you acknowledging your donation.