2014 - Thank You List


It took two years, but we did it ... The Donor Wall is up.  We started it in early 2014 (rather than the plan which was for late 2013).  We then refined the process, suppliers, technique, equipment, getting myself trained in the art of sand blasting (see photos below), etc.   But we got it down now!!   we just came back from the mission, and we did accomplish puttng a second batch of engraved bricks on the wall (photo on right).  

$$ Brick


$100+   Bronze
$200+ Silver
$500+ Gold
$1,000+ Platinum
$5,000+ Diamond
$10,000+ Founders

Also, our original plan of having different size and color of bricks to signify level of donation did not prove practical either.  Therefore we are now adding a 'star' as part of the engraving for each of the three higher level of donor brick levels (optionally, you can also add another brick if you would like, and you still get your star!).  We would also like to do whatever due diligence to accomodate (if desired) a graphic of some sort for the two highest levels (Gold & Platinum).  We've done that so far with a couple of Chinese family characters and looks good. 

We are most appreciative of our donors, and considering the large amount of capital it takes to do this building project, we are also very much in need of your continual support.  For that reason, we wanted to honor our early donors here in this list, and commit to you that this will get done 'first thing' in February and a photo of your engraved brick will be sent to each of you.  

In the mean time, we want to thank you immensely, and tell you that this is very important to the continual work we are doing at the mission.  Considering it is nearing the end of the year, if you know of any people that would be interested in donating to this cause, acknowledging that we are a 501c organization, we would very much appreciate your passing on the word and sharing our website and brick donor link.  Please let us know if you need any information on the mission, and our efforts (in spanish or english) and we will make it available.  Thank you again, for your kind support.  This project is much larger than we have ever intended it to be, and it simply 'takes a village' to see it through.  We are excited about the results of this last trip though and excited that we should have many activities and outreaches to show our supporters, that are done from here on out, considering the mission is now open!!!  

God bless you for your kind and generous support!!! 


Early donor list
Name location ==level== Message Graphic
Daniel T. Carson, CA, USA  
Daniel 6:26-27
God is Good!
George & Patty L. Tampa, FL, USA
Lamentation 3:22-23
LaFountaine & Laloosian Family
For His Blessings—USA
Suzette & Gilbert Z. Long Beach, CA, USA
Dios Te Ama!
Gilbert, Suzette, Ava, Abby, Avery
The Zarate Family, USA
Cecillia & Frank L Torrance, CA, USA  
Frank & Ceci
Londono Family
Theresa & Michael W. San Diego, CA, USA  
Dios Te Ama!
The Waning Family
Mike, Theresa & Nico
Ray H. San Diego, CA, USA  
Given in the name of
R.A. Hadley, USA
Minerva P, Long Beach, CA, USA  
Minerva P, Brando S
Eugene S, Stephanie K
Juana I. Gardena, CA, USA
Juana Isa de Wong
& Hijo Andy Wong
William & Lily S. San Diego, CA, USA
Proverbs 19:17
William & Lily Silverthorn
Olga G. Downey, CA, USA  
Pray John 3:16
“Jesus come into my heart”
Agape Dr. Olga Goldine
Pete & Connie B Titusville, FL, USA  
Believe in Jesus
Peter & Connie Bradish
Dr. Parker San Diego, CA, USA  
Dr. Parker, DDS MS
Orthodonics, USA
Gwin Family San Diego, CA, USA  
God Bless This House
Dave, Marcia, Taylor, Steve Gwin
Tom & Laura W San Diego, CA, USA Chosen by God
Tom & Laura W.
Ed I. New York, NY, USA
Ip Family—USA
Ed, Rene, Valery, Edison, Hunter
Chung Ip Memorial New York, NY, USA  
In Loving Memory
Chung Hoi Ip
China 1936 – USA 2013
Barney & Therese C San Diego, CA, USA Richard & Therese
Callahan Family, USA
Clemente Wong Memorial Ica, Peru
Clemente Wong Mac
Compro esta propriedad en 1926Nov10
Silverthorn Family Zephyrhills, FL   Wm A & Ang M 
Silverthorn Family
Florida, USA
Hill Family Grosse Pt Farms, MI From the Hill Family


Branch Church San Diego, CA Bendiciones en el nombre 
de Cristo Nuestro Senor
Iglesia el Branch, San Diego, CA
Pastor Olga Goldine Los Angeles blessing in spanish  
Eileen Sandoval Los Angeles   Women of Faith Int'l   
ARPAY Peru   Romans 12:1,
Expresion Profundo
Hutchins Family Marrietta, GA   Family   
Anonymous San Diego, CA Love One Another - John 13:24  
Waning Virginia, USA   Memorial, Bob Waning  
Mission Eben-Ezer Family Church Carson, CA Support Acknowledgment  
Iglesia Para Las Naciones Torrance, CA Support Acknowledgment  
Wong, Gustavo San Pedro, CA   Memorial  
Beautiful Feet San Diego, CA   Support Acknowledgement  
Robert & Barbara Foster CA   Family name  
  San Diego, CA   Balletiquette  
Joseph Vu San Diego, CA   Juan 1:12, Viet Nam  
Maria Wong Escate Torrance, CA   Memorial 
Bendecida Por Cristo
Ismelda E Barreda San Francisco, CA    
Jose E. Wong Torrance, CA    
Justin & Hanna Silverthorn Murrieta, CA   Silverthorn Familia, Murrieta, CA  
George, Michelle & Marissa Barreda San Francisco, CA      
David & Yadera Spracklen San Diego, CA    
Jim, Erica & Theo Coe NY, NY      
Robert Davis San Diego, CA Davis Familia
Robert 1964
Jasmine 1999
Ciara 2004
Pastor Martin & Cotty Laos Ica, Peru   El Shaddai Christian Communidad Commemorative