2015 -- Construction coming to a close ..


Finally!!!   After a month working here on this second trip of 2015, and after 3 years leading up to this point, our construction is pretty much behind us.  Excep for equiping the building with furnitures, appliances, etc., we hope to concentrate on the much needed ministry of people themselves in these villages.  

God gave us this vision a year after the 2007 major earthquake that devastated this area.  With multiple trips centered around what to do with a donated piece of property in the center of this village, we spent a few years doing many outreaches, met with lawyers and engineers and worked up a plan.  

We demolished the severly earthquake damaged 100+ year old building that was on the property in early 2012 and ended up with a dilemma of how to deal with a wall on the property line that was huge, heavy and severly earthquake damaged.  No contractor wanted to dig a footer for our building next to it. 

God intervened and brought us a 50% expansion of our prior narrow property and the wall was ours to take down!!  

With the wider more workable property, we broke ground in late 2012 and put up a complete concrete shell of the first floor before having to return to the United States.   

We returned in late 2013, with full plans to do likewise for a 2nd floor (the normal way of construction) but God again intervened and we were led to complete the first floor before going up any higher.  Because we did that we had an operational church and youth meeting facility as early as October 2013 and both have been operating ever since!!  

Our two trips in 2014 were focused on putting up the next two floors in rough fashion, all while the first floor was operational for church services, childrens functions and as a living quarters.

The first trip put up the 2nd floor, and the 3rd floor followed in September.  This 3rd floor provided a small apartment living quarters for a future missionary manager or an additional classroom.  The main purpose of the 3rd floor was to provide a wide open area for larger gatherings (more visible from the front of the building).  

Mission Project - El Carmen, SJB, Ica, Peru
Donations        Milestones Expenses
Dedication Mar 2016
Complete Build  Oct 2015

Finish 2nd / 3rd floors

Apr 2015

Rough in 3rd floor & Terrace Oct 2014
Build 2nd Floor Apr 2014
Finish 1st Floor.  Get Missionary functional Oct 2013
Break ground
Rough in 1st Floor
Apr 2013
Demo/Prep property Oct 2012


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In 2015, we have had two trips primarily focused on completing the upper two floors and make them as productive as the first.  This also entailed the creation of a complete water system with an underground cistern, movement of two water tanks to a newly constructed water tower on the roof, the complete stucco-ing (called tarrejo in Peru) of the entire exterior and interior of these two new floors and water tower.  A lot of work, as well as adding the electrical, plumbing, windows, doors, paint, and everything else that entails 'finishing'.  A busy year indeed and we are still doing it in this 2nd trip of this year, but soon to be complete.  


Permanently staffing the mission with a long term missionary family, the operation will also now get a tremendous boost in it's year round service to the surrounding communities. We have spent 3 years in building this project with donated funds and a private loan (no interest) An extraordinary accomplishmet for such a short period. The ministry still shows over $35,000 in debt plus what we are going to encounter on this trip completing the construction. Your help is very much appreciated and needed to help retire this debt so that we can focus all efforts on the ongoing operation of the mission and it's service to the needy. Thank you all for the help you have given so far .. we could not have accomplished all that we have without you. God is good!!

We are so excited about what is to come!  We will continue to keep you informed as the mission gets even more and more activities and leads more souls to Jesus Christ through love.  God bless you all for your prayers and support in the growth of this project.  We sincerely look forward to where we are going next!!



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