Evangecube - great international evangelism tool!


Precious!    Love this 'evangecube'.  I have given a few to our grandkids.  Would love to acquire a more of these to give to the children down here in the mission field in Peru.  We did get a lot of tracts related to the christian message of this cube, and also a large "group use" cube to use to walk people through the salvation message.  

I strongly suggest that every young child, learning of the message of Christianity, have one.  If anyone would like to donate some of these to our mission work, it would be most appreciated as in quantity, they run about $8 each, in quantity of 1, as low as $5-6 for larger quantities.  The message of salvation is very pointed and very appreciated and very multi-lingual!!!     A great item for the mission to witness with and an alternative to a financial gift.  

They can be sourced here:

Other non-financial donation suggestions here at this link.