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First of all, Thank you for visiting this page.  We can't do what we are doing alone and believe me, often it feels like we are.  But thankfully, we have had some tremendous support from many and with that, we press forward.  Most of all, it is from our Father above that we seek support, and prayers from everyone to this end, as this project has become so much more than the unpaid volunteers of LAMA can do.    

If we are new to you, please take a moment to understand what we are and why we are here.  We made a detailed separate page (link) just for that purpose. that goes through the Who/ What/ Where/ When background information. Check that out first and then return here.  It will give you a good backgrounder, and also some understanding of the location, needs, people, purpose.    In net, we are in an area of Peru that was damaged severely in an August 2007 earthquake, building a mission facility while facilitating to the needs of families in this area.  Incomes are very low, the damage of these rural villages is still very evident after almost 8 years, and their spiritual and physical needs are what we are here to assist with.  Besides being missionaries, we are building a mission, a place for many missionaries to work from, through, and with.  

Our immediate goal is to complete the building of this mission project and to put it to full use as an active vibrant center as soon as possible.  We opened doors in October of 2013 and have been having weekly church services and youth services, with occasional outreaches.   That much we have done, and it was no easy task or small expense, with the help of our supporters and many trips to Peru.  Our primary goal with this Mission is to be an activity center for the residents, to teach the Word of God, to provide support for the needy, a channel for donations of clothing, toys, books, and more.  Also to be a common location for hosting services for the people for dental, medical, optical, education, scriptural training, and more. 

If you are affiliated with a doctor, medical, dental, optical or other services group that would like to offer such services, we have a perfect location to setup, house and facilitate to a large number of needy villagers in north San Juan Bautista district in Ica Province, Ica Peru.  We would love to host your group.  We have also had many donations of dental, optical, clothing and printed materials from those that have access.  We thank you very much for these donations as well.  

We have had many outreaches like this in the past and the need is great. On faith, earlier this year (2014) we stepped forth and put the shell of the second floor up.  With that we are for the first time operating in the red.   As soon as the second floor is complete, the intended ability to house and support visiting missionaries will be possible.    It is not unusual for a capital build project to get a mortgage to complete itself, but obviously operating debt free, focusing all funds and resources on the ministry itself, is such a better position to be in. 


We can use any and all support, from the smallest one-time or recurring gift, to larger donations of finances, putting a commemorative donor brick in our courtyard and more.   We are a 501C3 US organization, so every dollar is tax deductable. Every dollar also only goes toward the outreach, building and resources for the mission and the people we are here to help.  [No donated funds are spent on missionary travels, housing, food, expenses as that is all covered by the individual and their supporters.]  In fact, at this time, every donated dollar is 'matched' by another contributor.  This is not going to be true forever, so to assist today makes every dollar count twice!!!  

We have listed separately many financial and non-financial means of support that you can provide.   With the immediate capital build project underway, our donor brick program (leaving a message on our wall for decades to come) is intended to help us meet our goals.  

Since our second floor is now complete, we are able to host a large number of rotating missionaries to this area, to provide the above and more services and support. We are also expanding the lodging for long term missionaries with a new building.  What YOU can do to this end is to help us reach your church, temple, organization to see if we can be a fit for your charity/mission support.  We are a destination for your organization or group to visit, or send missionaries to.   We have 4 distinct villages of from 1000 to 2500 people in each that are within walking distance of the mission.  Most of these people are still in need of construction labor from the 2007 devastating earthquake, have needs for providing for their children via outreach, teaching, support and spiritual knowledge.  


We are also now blessed with a fulltime missionary couple to run this mission, committed for 3-5 years.  We have another long term missionary joining them in November of 2016 for a commitment of 18 months.  We are in active construction to make facilities for long term missionaries available to support a few more.  If you are interested in such an assignment, please let us know.    Please click on any of the above links (in color) for more details on any of the above discussions on support, or contact us directly regarding your mission group, volunteering, partnering or any other reason.  If you are able to visit us, we would love to have you.  Please contact us (information on home page).   
May God bless you for your efforts in reaching out to those that are in need.  



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