Plan a Peru Mission Trip! short or long term!!


Where: Ica, Peru (El Carmen, San Juan Bautista)

When: Anytime!!! (now that we have a full time missionary family running the mission, they are ready to receive visitors, helpers, participants, teachers, etc. anytime with little exception!  

Why Here?: Good question, and there is a great deal of good you can bring with you here, and a tremendous number of reasons to come here.  Here's a separate web page on why we are where we are and what brought us here and what to expect.  

Advanced Planning: Since we now have a permanent mission management family in place, one can plan a visit and stay anytime - just let us know.  If you want to stay at the mission (now possible with two dormitories, sleep up to 15 to 20 people) just write or call us and we will work out all the logistics with you. That planning can include a short stay in Miraflores (Lima coastal area) for your arrival and departure in Peru.  

  • Time of day: Peru is GMT-5.  Peru does not practice daylight savings time, so half the year it is the same timezone as NY/Miami, the other half it is the same as Chicago/Dallas.  It is either 2 or 3 hours ahead of Pacific Time.)
  • Time of Year: Plan your seasons around the southern hemisphere, during Christmas it's summer weather and it's winter in June!!  The location of the mission and Lima are coastal elevations and definitely 12 month accessible areas, but just so you are aware of the climate seasons.  
  • What to Wear: In the winter, temperatures may drop into the 50's(F), jackets and sweaters are advisable, although often needed only in the evenings.  In the summer, it can get hot (83-88F) from noon till 4pm, but it's a dry heat with no real humidity.  Also the Mission's 9 foot ceilings are very cool inside (villagers stop by all the time to enjoy).  Summer is great for Harvest festival in February, when all the grapes come in.  Summer is also best if you are planning any side trips to the mountains (Cusco, Machu Pichu, Puno, Titicaca) which are far cooler in the winter but do get 12 month tourism as well.  Winter is my favorite time of year (summer in the USA) cause it's the coolest weather.
  • Health Insurance?: Personally our medical coverage is a USA HMO and only covers us in Peru for emergencies.  Knowing that was there, we never have gotten any supplemental additional insurance since the local clinic or hospital also provides free care (or next to nothing) with us only needing to buy the medicine (pharmacy accross the street).   But we know that everyones health and insurance needs are different.  We do require that all staff, students and volunteers have appropriate health coverage for the duration of your time with us.  We strongly recommend that students inquire with their local insurance companies for recommended travel plans, has a great offering to cover emergency medical as well as trip cancellation and trip interruption.  

    Another offering is Talent Trust’s ‘Outreach Program’.  If you are satisfied with the level of cover that they can offer you, YWAM DTS students are entitled to receive a 35% ‘Group’ discount off of the Outreach Program insurance package. In order to receive this discount, visit the link below and click on ‘Enroll Now’. To qualify for the discount, enter YWAM Ica (Peru) under the ‘Church or Mission’s Name’. You can find out more about Talent Trust and their insurance cover with the link below:

    We are aware of them mainly from our Australia YWAM contacts, they are AETNA backed, and we are pursuing dialog with them as to their Latin American covereage or competitiveness.  

  • Shots required?  No shots are required for travel to Peru.  Occasional, when going to the jungle, there will be requirements for yellow fever shots, but we are not anywhere near the jungle and that is usually more of a need for Bolivia than Peru. 

  • What do I bring? -  All is included at mission, sheets, blankets, pillows, beds, hot water, etc.  Do plan to of course bring your personal hygiene needs (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc).  We have some on an emergency need basis.  Many people bring a sleeping bag if we are planning to travel 'from' the mission on outreach side-trips.

    PLEASE 'maximize' your alloted baggage allowance on your airline.  We are always in need at the mission for additional sheets, blankets, pillow cases, small toys, sports equipment (baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball), childrens books (spanish but for teaching also english), small stuffed animals, school supplies, quality used clothing for children primarily but adults as well.   

    Cost: [YWAM student cost discussed elsewhere] Airfare will be your biggest cost by far, but being in our same hemisphere far far more economical than a Europe, Africa or Asia flight.  In fact, most people can do a round trip flight to Peru far cheaper than most round trips in the USA. Also, being in northern end of South America, Peru is far less expensive than traveling further to Argentina or Chile.  

    Depending on the season and timing, there are great buys to be found.  Assume from $500 to $900 round-trip for the airfare portion, from LA area, a hundred dollars or more cheaper from east coast cities.  Round trips through Miami are definitely the most economical.  We have San Diegans loving flying down from Tijuana through Mexico City, and there are many other connections through Latin American carriers with hubs in Panama, El Salvador and Mexico.   Best air fare deals are offered about two months prior to your trip, as long as you are avoiding the normal holiday blackout dates.  

    Miraflores (Lima) Apartment for Missionary arrival

    Airfare aside (which we can only guide you on), we can help you minimize and control the rest of the cost on a missionary trip (including all ground transportation, meals and lodging). Regardless of where you are coming from, for planning purposes (non-YWAM), for a one week trip, plan to budget $350* plus airfare per person.  This will cover (assuming a group of 4 or more): 

    • Taxi pickup (& return) between Lima airport and Miraflores (Lima) lodging;
    • Lodging in Miraflores (as needed) for 1 (or 2) nights arrival, depending on arrival time; and a night before departure;
    • Escort services from Lima to Ica to Mission and back (again, assuming 4 our more people); 
    • Taxi to/from bus depot in Lima & Miraflores;
    • Bus transport between Lima to Ica;
    • Taxi transport to/from Ica to Mission in El Carmen, San Juan Bautista district;
    • lodging at Mission in El Carmen (cost based on number of days);
    • 2 meals a day for 6 days a week (assuming on your own meals 1 day a week).

    (*add/subtract about $13-$15 lodging/meals, $10 for lodging only, for each additional days stay at the mission, these prices assume 4 or more people, slightly more if fewer.)

    Of course any side trips (extra transportation, extra spending, food, shopping etc.) would not be included in the above costs.  Please feel free to ask us any and all questions though on things to see, economical ways to travel, recommendations, etc.  [Important: If you are planning a trip/visit for 6 weeks or more, a totally separate far lower housing cost structure is available for you. Please inquire about 'long term' missionary costs.]

    Mission Status: Construction for lodging has been completed in 2015!!  Since October 2013, church services have been held there weekly!  

    Outreach is the primary purpose of what this mission is built for, and that is what focus is needed by most of those visiting.  

    We also have a weekly youth activities going on in surrounding villages.  We have great communities in nearby San Pedro, Altura, Invacion and el Olivos, as well as here in El Carmen.  We have also expanded to San Juan Bautista, at the invitation of the local mayor.

    Due to the fantastic efforts of our first long term missionaries, the Sanchez's, from late 2015 through 2017, we have established a good trusting working relationship with the local villagers by living among them.  Still we can use more help. With this in mind, in 2017 we completed a 2nd building in the back that will provide some staff bedrooms, as well as an additional large classroom/meeting area, which we have wired up as a theater as well.  If joining us as staff is a possible consideration for you, please do inquire.  Replacing the Sanchezes in 2018, the Barriga family joined us from Venezuela.   The Barriga's have a strong missionary focus and are doing very well their first year.  They also have strong history with YWAM / JUCUM and as of 2018, we have become affiliated with this organization as a base.

    There are families that need assistance, construction, house additions, repairs, food, clothing, love, soccer/volley/basketball participation, pen pals, movie night, english lessons, kite flying contests, prayer, bible leadership, support, etc.  We try to have outreaches of all sorts for the communities.  Come and enjoy these people, their needs, their compassion, share your love with them, you will get it back tenfold.  

    Purpose: Past outreaches have left a strong relationship with community, and much is left to do. Primary construction is behind us.  We seek missionary-minded individuals (short or long term) to utilize the mission to outreach to the surrounding communities of El Carmen, El Olivos, San Pedro, Altura, Invacion, and San Juan to show Christ's love and compassion to these residents.  Prior outreaches brought in eye exams, reading glasses, dental checkups, dental hygiene training, toys, bibles, shoes, sandals and clothing.  We have complete curriculum for teaching English as well now and worship leaders, testimonies, skit performers, and general outreach participants are all very much sought after.  

    The mission organization has been doing work in this district even before it had walls up!! Now that the mission is built, we can do even more!!   Join us, and be part of a legacy that this community is strongly in need of and is very appreciative of!!   We have a strong church youth support that comes up weekly from Ica to work with the missionaries as well.   We know not what the final goal for this Mission is, but the immediate one is to show the poor people of San Juan Bautista district that Jesus loves them and He is here to stay and not just 'passing through'. 

    Need: Laborers, Teachers and Evangelists

    If the Lord puts in your heart to go please contact us by phone, regular mail or email.   We would be more than willing to discuss this mission and the area with your church or support group as well.  

    "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."  - Matthew 28:19-30




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