2016 November 11-17 USA/Mexico/Peru - Mission Trip


San Diego California and Michoacana, Mexico joined up to pay a visit to the Mission in Peru, supporting missionaries Julio Cesar Sanchez & Yareni Chávez Díaz (& daughter Cecia), while also bringing Irma Rosa Reyes Tiscareño as a new missionary to join.

Hank Sybrandy, wife Candy Sybrandy and their beautiful bi-lingual granddaughter, Cali, made the journey from California, along with Doug Sholder, missions coordinator from Branch Church. They will be joined from Mexico with Tanto & Cinthya Husain, and Irma (along with Tanto and Cinthya's two son's) and continuing on to Lima Peru for one night. [Tanto runs a missionary school in Mexico and has been instrumental in the staffing of this Peruvian mission.]  After one night in Lima, they continued on the next day to LAMA Mission in Ica, Peru and joined up with fellow Californian's Richard & Tae Lamb.

The whole group was very busy while at the mission, attending many bible studys in homes [on 11th, 12th & 14th]; Church at mission and in Ica [on the 13th]; operating an outreach in San Pedro [on the 12th], OANSA outreach at Mission [on 13th]. They left for Lima on the 15th for two nights. Left Lima for Mexico and USA on November 17th.  (Click here, or either photo in this article, to visit photo gallery)

This was a trip to support the missionaries (4) at the mission who are supporting the local villagers, and to deliver one more long term missionary to help them.  A great trip with a lot of outreach, home bible study, interaction with the youth group, the knitting & crochet group, giving out clothes and in all of these events, sharing the heart of Jesus, and preaching at the nearby church of 700 which participates in the youth outreach at the mission.

Although this was only a week long trip, God blessed them on their journey, and guided them to plant seeds of God's love and kindness to all that are of need.  God bless each and every one of these people, their dedication to our Lord and Saviour, and their heart for missions and, in particular, this mission.  Thank you Lord for their safe travels, both to and from and the blessing to others of God's love and spirit while at the Mission. 

Please contact us, and let us arrange a trip (link here) like this for your group.  We can arrange for everything, from your landing in Peru until your departure.  We look forward to your inquiry.