2012 Mission Trip #2


Sept/Oct 2012Village of El Carmen of San Juan Bautista District in Ica Province of south Peru (click for more mission photos from late 2012)

Our founder, Lily, has returned from a two month visit to our mission site in El Carmen. This trip was primarily focused on relationships, legal discussions, engineering discussions, a scheduled visit by the courts to the property, and other administrative needs prior to our breaking ground with the new building.  [Photo Gallery of this trip]

  • Lily spent a good amount of time meeting with our spiritual partners in Ica, Pastor Martin Laos of El Shaddai Church. Martin has been a fantastic partner, aligned with us on our goals of helping the people and their children in this mission, and also being an attorney to advise and counsel as well. Further property 'prep' work was also done, in efforts to getting it ready for the foundation pour. 
  • Additional paperwork was corrected around the additional property transfer on our north side, which is significant since it eliminates many building problems with the large 10 foot high 2 foot wide Adobe wall which was earthquake damaged. Now all parts of that wall are removeable since it is fully in the property of the Mission.  Lily welcomes judge, engineer, administration and legal representative for property visit(click to enlarge)
  • The final visit by the local Judge (many pictures in a separate album), together with engineering, and our legal representation, will finalize many questions that were raised after 40 years of non-activity with this property. 
  • After Lily returned to the USA, one further meeting by the courts with our two neighbors (who we have great relations with) will be had as well. 
  • One other major accomplishment, also with the support of Pastor Martin Laos (who is also a lawyer), we were able to make Latin American Missions Association - Peru (LAMA-Peru), a Peruvian non-profit entity. This will make it possible for the mission property to be clearly held by LAMA. 

All of the above behind us, finally we can start the structure building in February/March of 2013. This will be the biggest expenditure of funding so please help if you can. Thanks to all our prayer warriors and financial supporters to date. We could not have progressed this far without you. Please continue to pray and support us going forward.

Photo Gallery of this trip