2013 Oct 23 - Mission Opens for regular outreach services


October 23rd, 2013, was a special day.  (click here for photos).  This was where the mission was now sufficiently functional as a facility, thanks to the efforts and donations from LAMA Ministry, to actually start having regular outreaches and sunday services.  

Before the LAMA volunteers departed to the United States, the 2nd cooperative outreach was held between LAMA and El Shaddai Communidad of Ica. Dental examinations, dental hygene training, optometry signups, haircuts, manicures, clothing handouts, bible verse exercises and soccer ball raffles were held for the residents of El Carmen.  

Follow-on event is already planned for Sunday, October 27th for the Optometrist visitation, November 2nd for Evangelism, and more.  

The Mission is alive and serving the community.  Thank you LAMA supporters and El Shaddai Communidad church body of Ica.  God is good!!!