Mission Trips


The overall mission of L.A.M.A. is to support Latin Americans in North & South America as well as around the world in the name of Jesus. L.A.M.A. aims to provide mission opportunities all over Latin America where we can have life changing impact and experience God's calling. Our mission is not only to provide housing for missionaries but to reach the spanish communities in South, Central, North America and around the world with the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The vision is big for this little ministry but our GOD is BIG. We are taking it one day at a time with HIS guidance, provision and blessings. Our job is just to be available and obedient. Psalm 67 (LB)


Next Mission Trip

Where: Ica, Peru (El Carmen, San Juan Bautista) 

When: 2014 - February/March & August/September 2014  

Need: Laborers and Evangelists 

Notes: We are building a two story missionary home and activity center in the earthquake ravaged farming village of El Carmen, in San Juan Bautista district of Ica, Peru. This trip will focus on completing the 2nd floor, increasing the utilization of the mission property with community and church relations, and initating the terrace level, are the goals for 2014.  If the Lord puts in your heart to go please contact us by phone or email More details available via email/phone  (currently about 4-5 are committed)


Past Mission Trips

Where: Ica, Peru (El Carmen, San Juan Bautista)

Purpose: Primarily construction of the Missionary House.  Historically, in 20102011, much was done to secure the property and create a temporary living quarters, where we will in the future build a mission and community center.  Much outreach was done on this trip as well.  Reading glasses, clothing, bibles, childrens toys, toothbrushes and more were given out.  The need is very great here and we can't get enough freight access to fulfill it.  Working to correct, but a primary goal of the mission would also be to act as a central point of fulfilling care, clothing and health needs for the rural residents of this and neighboring villages.

In 2012, this was a demolition and pre-construction mission trip so we not only ministered to many people physically and spiritually with your gifts but we also met with our attorney, engineer, a judge and contractors. We can write a book on what a journey this has been, a journey only the Lord could have orchestrated. He has done so much in the four years since this ministry was established.  In March/April 2013 we broke ground and built the first floor of the planned Mission Community Center in only 6 weeks!  We had all the foundation, walls and ceiling poured for the first floor of the missionary, about 1,300 square feet.  We planned to return to work on the second floor in Sept/October 2013,   Instead, in September we focused on making the 1st floor useable.  We did over two weeks of plastering, running electrical and low voltage tubes, installing electrical boxes, and more.  In the final 4 weeks, we will be running plumbing, sewer lines, pouring the floor, building the donor commemorative brick wall in front, installing windows and doors, running the electrical wires, installing some fixtures and hopefully (since we are still down here) will also get some work done on the 2nd floor if we get all what was mentioned done.   Needless to say, a pretty full 6 weeks of accomplishment, done twice in the same year.  6 people participated in the September trip,  3 on the construction and 3 on evangelism.

(Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. Psalm 127:1)

More info on above years in Peru:

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