Featured Supporters

Our Ministry relies completely on the generous donations made by our supporters. We would like to especially thank our supporters that make regular contributions and donations. Thank You and God Bless you for this assistance.  Our needs are large right now with the capital build project we are currently undertaking.  We have no salary expenses, as those that are working the most with this mission are donating all of their time and efforts.  Even travel expenses to and from Peru are covered by the volunteers and are not an expense of the mission.  Our construction costs, outreach items (e.g water filters, dental, medical, eye glasses, clothing, tracts, bibles, shoes, etc.) are all an 'expense' item that your kind donations go towards if not provide directly.  Thank you very much.  Please help us get the word out.  

Please see additional links on this site for ways you can give and support our efforts with this initial mission project.  We strongly would like to partner with your church, host a missionary group, add your name or memorial to our donor wall, work with your particular service group, etc.  Also, please feel free to contact us if any question.  God bless you for your consideration and support of this effort. 

Here are our major contributors and support groups:

  • Pastor Chuck Allers and the Branch Church of San Diego, formerly Horizon Pocohontas of San Diego.  
  • Pastor Martin Laos of El Shaddai Church - Ica, Peru
  • Pastor Isaac Canales, Mission Eben Ezer, Carson, for their missionary support
  • Beautiful Feet Ministry, for their fantastic support with support in acquiring sandals for the mission as well as additional financing.