Where? Why? Who? What? When? How can I help?


Who is LAMA?  Where are we doing what?  Why are we there?   All good questions .... Please click here or on picture to answer these questions.

Thought I would put this short write-up out there for the public.  Without the public support, this project is too big! With the public, we have a destination, a goal, a purpose, and a fulfillment of God's will for these people.  Join us, visit us, support us.  With the opening of the mission in 2013, we are now not just a charity, but we are a cause and a destination.  In 2015, we opened up the upper floors, adding dormitories, classrooms, greater ability to serve and have full time missionary presense managing the facility and welcoming your visiting.  In 2017, with the continual need for more space for functions and residents, we are about to open up a 2nd building providing a ground floor Childrens Center, with a 2nd floor for long term missionary housing.  

We welcome and desire to work with you and your faith body, in making this an active missionary with your support, your missionary visits, your prayers.

Please help us make this a reality.   Again, please 'click here' to read more about the 'why', 'where', 'what' & 'who' in regards to what we do where we do it.  

God bless you for your prayers and support.

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3952-D Clairemont Mesa Blvd. #135 San Diego, CA 92117 
Email Us 858.270.2345